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Market Solutions – August: The middle kingdom can’t remedy South Africa’s public sector ills.

By Rob Price on Aug 17, 2018 in Market and Economic Commentary

The BRICS Summit caught news headlines in July. From a South African perspective, the biggest talking point was the R33bn loan that Eskom secured from the Chinese Development Bank. In the short term, this loan is good news because it relieves funding pressure on the embattled state-owned enterprise (SOE), which could reduce broader credit risk at the margin.

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Market Solutions – July: All Good Things Must Come To An End.

By Alexander Forbes Investments on Jul 11, 2018 in Market and Economic Commentary The news

After a scintillating performance in 2017, investor returns have deteriorated in 2018.

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Market Solutions – June: European Central Bank joins the Federal Reserve, withdrawing stimulus from financial markets

By Rob Price on Jun 26, 2018 in Market and Economic Commentary

In February 2018 Market Solutions, we explained why global central banks may no longer be an investor’s friend. We said: “Major central banks…

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Market Solutions – May: Dollar strength re-emerges, reversing some of the rand gains since December 2017

By Rob Price on May 11, 2018 in Market and Economic Commentary

Newswires have been dominated by the aptly named “Trump Tariffs” after the Trump presidency introduced steel tariffs specifically targeted at Chinese steel producers.

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