Africa Beat for the week ended 06th October 2017

By Alexander Forbes Investments on Oct 10, 2017 in Africa Beat

Economic Update

Kenya – S&P affirms credit rating, maintains outlook & Moody’s puts credit rating on review

  • The credit ratings agency affirmed Kenya’s sovereign credit rating at “B+” while the outlook has been maintained at stable
  • The agency said that the Supreme Court’s ruling to nullify the presidential election results shows signs of improving judicial independence and checks and balances among the arms of government
  • On the other hand, Moody’s has placed Kenya’s sovereign credit rating on review for a downgrade
  • The decision to put the rating on review is due to unfavourable fiscal dynamics and uncertainty related to the current political environment, with the latter feeding into the former

Malawi – Central bank decides to maintain benchmark interest rate

  • On 28 September, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) decided to keep the benchmark interest rate at 18%, while the liquidity reserve requirement was maintained at 7.5%
  • The central bank noted that it needs to keep inflation firmly on a downward path and to remain in single digits
  • The RBM also cited that global economic growth is also expected to strengthen marginally to 3.5% in 2017, from 3.1% in 2016

Namibia – Weak credit growth reflects sluggish economy and tighter purses

  • According to the Bank of Namibia, the private sector credit extension (PSCE) growth moderated in August, driven by weaker demand for credit by the household sector
  • The PSCE growth slowed to 5.9% y-o-y in August from 6.6% y-o-y in July
  • However, total corporate sector credit extension increased by 6.0% y-o-y in August, up from a 5.0% y-o-y in July
  • In contrast, growth in credit extended to households slipped to 6.4% y-o-y in August from 8.3% y-o-y in July

Uganda – MPC surprises with another policy rate cut

  • On 3 October, The Bank of Uganda (BoU) decided to reduce interest rates further following the most recent Monetary Policy Committee
  • The benchmark interest rate has been cut by 50 bps to 9.5% – reaching a new record low and bringing the cumulative reduction in the policy rate to 750 bps since March 2016
  • The MPC notes that the private sector credit growth remains sluggish, while GDP growth is projected to remain below potential GDP growth this year

General News

Zambia – Budget speech delivers predictable fiscal consolidation but throws no real punches

  • The Finance Minister, Felix Mutati, delivered the budget address for the 2018 fiscal year (FY, January – December), entitled “Accelerating fiscal fitness for sustained inclusive growth, without leaving anyone behind”
  • The budget largely draws from the Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme, which rests on the following five pillars:
  • economic diversification and job creation
  • the reduction of poverty and vulnerability via targeted social spending
  • the reduction of development inequalities relating to infrastructural development challenges and financial exclusion
  • human skills development and
  • establishment of a conducive governance environment via policy, regulatory and structural reforms
  • Some researchers say that the budget delivered no real surprise and very little to get excited about

Companies Expanding In The Rest Of Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa – Netflix partners with Kwesé to grow penetration

  • Kwesé and Netflix have launched a long-term partnership for Sub-Saharan Africa, leveraging on Kwesé’s pan-African reach to help make it easier for African consumers to enjoy Netflix
  • As part of the partnership, Kwesé will develop partnerships with telecoms operators across Sub-Saharan Africa to distribute Kwesé TV and Netflix
  • Kwesé Play streaming box is the first set-top box in Africa to officially include Netflix service
  • This deal further cements Kwesés’ claim to be Africa’s source for the best in international and African programming
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Domestic Unrest

Cameroon – Deaths on day of separatist protests

  • The Anglophone activists which includes outright separatists, who have been mobilising for the independence of the English-speaking regions, intensified on 1 October
  • The government deployed an impressive security contingent to the region to contain the protests, making it difficult for marches to even take place at all
  • This occurs after all meetings of more than four people in the South-West and North-West regions were banned
  • Reuters reported a death toll of at least eight people due to this ongoing protest action

Somalia – Al Shabaab attack leaves seven dead

  • Islamist al-Shabaab militants attacked a checkpoint in Somalia’s Puntland region which killed at least seven people
  • Al-Shabaab has launched a string of attacks on Somalia’s capital Mogadishu and other areas controlled by the federal government in a bid to oust the Western-backed authorities and impose the group’s interpretation of Islamic law
  • Attacks are relatively rare in Puntland, which has its own government and security forces patrolling its territory
  • Puntland is also home to a splinter group of al-Shabaab that has sworn allegiance to Islamic State
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Sources: NKC, African business communities, IOL

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